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Friends of St. Vincent’s is a small but passionate group of people dedicated to coming alongside Haitians with disabilities to support their journey to independence. Our focus is providing educational opportunities because, through education, people can lift themselves up and build a better life of their choosing. Our commitment to this work began in 1995 and, with your support, continues today.

What We Do [Sa nou fè]

  • WE PARTNER with CAHSAV  (pronounced ‘kah-sav’), the adult residents of St. Vincent’s Center for Children with Disabilities outside of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. These adults formed CAHSAV, an organization dedicated to reaching back to help new graduates make a successful transition from student to independent adult.

  • WE COLLABORATE with Haitian-initiated projects. CAHSAV takes the lead from the ground while we take on logistical tasks from afar.

  • WE FUND high school and post-secondary education, vocational opportunities and micro-business development to create a firm foundation for these adults.

  • WE WORK ON THE GROUND whenever possible, a week at a time. We work and socialize together, building long-term relationships. We have known many of these adults their entire lives.

  • WE ADVOCATE for the rights of Haitians with disabilities and work to break through the social stigma.

Our Dream [Rèv nou]

It is our dream to work ourselves out of business—to have supported our friends and helped them achieve full independence so that, without any outside influence, they live abundant, fruitful lives. We envision a day when we go to visit and break bread, not work. It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.

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